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Set The Controls

Ashes (Eraldo Bernocchi) – Set The Controls (Unisono)

Morcheeba – Live @ Jazz à Vienne 2018

Morcheeba at the Jazz à Vienne 2018 festival
Between new songs and classics, the English duo Morcheeba returns on stage for the 38th edition of the Jazz à Vienne festival.

Guns of Brixton

Nouvelle Vague – Guns of Brixton

Guns of Brixton by french band Nouvelle Vague, from their self-titled album.
(Original song by The Clash)

I Believe In You

Talk Talk – I believe in you 1988

From the album “Spirit Of Eden”.

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Hell Is Round the Corner

Tricky – Hell Is Round the Corner


Leftfield – Sword


Alt-J performs live on KEXP at the Triple Door as part of KEXP’s VIP Club Concert series. Recorded September 27, 2012.

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Would You Go To Bed With Me

Touch and Go – Would You Go To Bed With Me

Drinking in LA

Bran Van 3000 – Drinking in LA

The Mojo Radio Gang

Parov Stelar – The Mojo Radio Gang

A Storm In Heaven

The Verve – A Storm In Heaven

00:00 Star Sail
03:57 Slide Away
08:06 Already There
13:44 Beautiful Mind
19:10 The Sun, The Sea
24:26 Virtual World
30:49 Make It ‘Til Monday
33:54 Blue
37:18 Butterfly
43:58 See You In The Next One (Have A Good Time)

The Hole

Glen Phillips – The Hole


Portishead – Dummy

Portishead is a band formed in 1991 in Bristol, England. The band is named after the nearby town of the same name, 8 miles west of Bristol. Portishead consists of Geoff Barrow, Beth Gibbons, and Adrian Utley, while sometimes citing a fourth member, Dave McDonald, an engineer on Dummy and Portishead.

1. Mysterons
2. Sour Times
3. Strangers
4. It Could Be Sweet
5. Wandering Star
6. It’s A Fire
7. Numb
8. Roads
9. Pedestal
10. Biscuit
11. Glory Box


Ecometric – Deep Forest Music

01 – The Departure 0:00 (7.07)
02 – Lost In Thought 7:08 (8.46)
03 – Deep In The Forest 15:54 (7.43)
04 – The Return (feat. Etheriasparrow) 23:38 (9.44)


Sacred Spirit (1994)
00:00 – Intro & prelude 2:48 (how the west was lost) 02:48 – Tor-Cheney-Nahana 6:56 (winter ceremony) 09:44 – Ly-O-Lay Ale Loya 5:09 (the counterclockwise circledance) 14:53 – Ya-Na-Hana 7:04 (celebrate wild rice) 21:57 – Dawa 4:17 (the cradlesong) 26:10 – Gitchi-Manidoo 6:00 (advice for the young) 32:10 – Yeha-Noha 4:03 (wishes of happiness & prosperity) 36:13 – Ta-Was-Ne 2:39 (elevation) 38:52 – Heya-Hee 7:45 (intertribal song to stop the rain) 46:37 – Shamanic Chant No.5 1:20 (heal the soul) 47:57 – Yo-Hey-O-Hee 6:02 (brandishing the tomahawk)


Toni Atari – Paranoia

Music for Films III

Brian Eno & Daniel Lanois
Music for Films III is the third entry in Brian Eno’s “Music for Films” series. It features tracks by Brian Eno, Roger Eno, Michael Brook, and Harold Budd among others.

Side 1 Brian Eno – Saint Tom Brian Eno, Daniel Lanois – White Mustang Brian Eno, Daniel Lanois – Sirens Brian Eno – Asian River Laraaji – Zaragoza Roger Eno – Quixote Roger Eno – Fleeting Smile Brian Eno, Roger Eno Theme For “Opera” Laraaji – Kalimba

Side 2 Daniel Lanois – Tension Block Michael Brook – Err John Paul Jones – 4-Minute Warning Lydia Kavina (Theremin), Misha Malin – For Her Atoms Harold Budd – Balthus Bemused By Color Brian Eno – Theme From “Creation”

Another Green World

Another Green World is the third studio album by British musician Brian Eno. Produced by Eno and Rhett Davies, it was originally released by Island Records in September 1975. As he had done with previous solo albums, Eno worked with several guest musicians including Phil Collins, John Cale and Robert Fripp. Using his instruction cards the Oblique Strategies for guidance, the album contained fewer lyric-based rock songs and had stronger emphasis on instrumental productions; many without the aid of guest musicians. The dark humour of the lyrics also changed to more dreamlike and addled songs.

Side one
1.”Sky Saw” – 3:25
2.”Over Fire Island” – 1:49
3.”St. Elmo’s Fire” – 3:02
4.”In Dark Trees” – 2:29
5.”The Big Ship” – 3:01
6.”I’ll Come Running” – 3:48
7.”Another Green World” – 1:38

Side two
8.”Sombre Reptiles” – 2:26
9.”Little Fishes” – 1:30
10.”Golden Hours” – 4:01
11.”Becalmed” – 3:56
12.”Zawinul/Lava” – 3:00
13.”Everything Merges with the Night” – 3:59
14.”Spirits Drifting” – 2:36

Feelin’ Me & You

DJ Food | Sukia vs DJ Food – Feelin’ Me & You

Fit You

Blindfold –

Live In Brooklyn 2010


Fail forever

When Saints Go Machine

The Crow

DJ Food –

4 ton mantis

Amon Tobin –