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The Prophet Of The Piano

Lubomyr Melnyk – Butterfly (Live in Copenhagen)

Melnyk, (born December 20, 1948) is a composer and pianist of Ukrainian origin, is noted for his continuous music, a piano technique based on extremely rapid notes and complex note-series, usually with the sustain pedal held down to generate harmonic overtones and sympathetic resonances.

These overtones blend or clash according to harmonic changes.

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Renata plays a guitar

The OA – Soundtrack – Renata plays a guitar.
Season 01 Episode 05 – “Paradise”, Renata plays a guitar composition by Leo Brouwer
Danza del Altiplano

Danza del Altiplano

Leo Brouwer – Danza del Altiplano
Original work for the Classical Guitar, composed in 1964 by Leo Brouwer.
Born in 1984, classical guitarist, music teacher, medical laboratory technologist and non-professional writer from Greece.

Spiegel im Spiegel

Arvo Pärt- Spiegel im Spiegel

Spiegel im Spiegel (Mirror(s) in the mirror) is a composition by Arvo Pärt written in 1978, just before his departure from Estonia. The piece is in the tintinnabular style, wherein a melodic voice, operating over diatonic scales, and tintinnabular voice, operating within a triad on the tonic, accompany each other. It is about ten minutes long.

Chick Corea & Gary Burton

Tiny Desk Concert June 13, 2016.

“Love Castle”
“Crystal Silence”