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The Ghost of Cauldron M

The Ghost of Cauldron M / I Cannot Live in Sin · Mungolian Jet Set

Beauty Came to Us in Stone

℗ 2006 Jazzland Recordings

Released on: 2006-09-11

Lorn – Acid Rain

– filmed at Cadillac Jack’s Diner by the Pink Motel, 9457 San Fernando Road, Sun Valley, California,

Morgan Ceely,
Morgan Ceely

Daisuke Tanabe – Before I Forget

Daisuke Tanabe – Before I Forget (Circulations)

Yasmine Hamdan – Al Jamilat

Yasmine Hamdan – Al Jamilat (Live on KEXP)

Biscuit Town

King Krule performing “Biscuit Town” Live on KCRW

King Krule, aka Archy Marshall, has been the voice of a disenchanted generation since the release of his debut album at age 19. Four years later, the punk poet’s voice is stronger than ever on The Ooz. His MBE set is the live US radio premiere of songs from this album.

Yasmine Hamdan – Tiny Desk Concert

Yasmine Hamdan – Tiny Desk Concert

Yasmine Hamdan (Arabic: ياسمين حمدان‎; born 1976) is a Lebanese singer, songwriter and actress, now based in Paris. She became known with Soapkills, the duo she founded with Zeid Hamdan (no relation) while she was still living in Beirut, Lebanon. The first album released by Soapkills was Bater (1999). Soapkills was one of the very first independent electronic bands in the Middle East, and its innovative approach exerted a lasting influence. To this day, Yasmine Hamdan is considered an icon of underground music across the Arab world.

King Krule – Pitchfork Live

King Krule @ Primavera Sound | Pitchfork Live


Nils Petter Molvær – Trip

Norwegian jazz trumpeter Nils Petter Molvær has been called a pioneer of “future jazz”, a “not yet a genre” genre that merges jazz and electronica.

Quimey Neuquen

Jose Larralde – Quimey Neuquen ( Chancha Via Circuito Remix )

Would You Go To Bed With Me

Touch and Go – Would You Go To Bed With Me


Portishead – Dummy

Portishead is a band formed in 1991 in Bristol, England. The band is named after the nearby town of the same name, 8 miles west of Bristol. Portishead consists of Geoff Barrow, Beth Gibbons, and Adrian Utley, while sometimes citing a fourth member, Dave McDonald, an engineer on Dummy and Portishead.

1. Mysterons
2. Sour Times
3. Strangers
4. It Could Be Sweet
5. Wandering Star
6. It’s A Fire
7. Numb
8. Roads
9. Pedestal
10. Biscuit
11. Glory Box

Kala Rupa

Greg Ellis – Kala Rupa


Ecometric – Deep Forest Music

01 – The Departure 0:00 (7.07)
02 – Lost In Thought 7:08 (8.46)
03 – Deep In The Forest 15:54 (7.43)
04 – The Return (feat. Etheriasparrow) 23:38 (9.44)


Sacred Spirit (1994)
00:00 – Intro & prelude 2:48 (how the west was lost) 02:48 – Tor-Cheney-Nahana 6:56 (winter ceremony) 09:44 – Ly-O-Lay Ale Loya 5:09 (the counterclockwise circledance) 14:53 – Ya-Na-Hana 7:04 (celebrate wild rice) 21:57 – Dawa 4:17 (the cradlesong) 26:10 – Gitchi-Manidoo 6:00 (advice for the young) 32:10 – Yeha-Noha 4:03 (wishes of happiness & prosperity) 36:13 – Ta-Was-Ne 2:39 (elevation) 38:52 – Heya-Hee 7:45 (intertribal song to stop the rain) 46:37 – Shamanic Chant No.5 1:20 (heal the soul) 47:57 – Yo-Hey-O-Hee 6:02 (brandishing the tomahawk)


Toni Atari – Paranoia