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Welcome To The Void

Morgen – Welcome To The Void

Morgen was an American psychedelic rock band formed in Long Island. Their only album, “Morgen”, is considered one of the best heavy American psychedelic rock albums of the 1960s.

Morgen was founded in 1968 by Steve Morgen, Bobby Rizzo, Murray Schiffrin, Mike Ratti, and Barry Stock. Originally, the band was named “Morgen’s Dreame Spectrum” but was later changed to simply “Morgen”.

In 1969, record label Probe (ABC) released the group’s sole offering.

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Trend “Bitch”

Trend “Bitch”


Blues Addicts – 1970

Danish Jimi Hendrix inspired acid/garage rock group. Founded as Bawdy Male Section in the mid sixties. Released their only album on Spectator Records in 1970.

(Spectator Records ‎– SL 1015)

Henning Aasbjerg Andersen, Ivan Horn, Michael Brink, Thorstein Thomsen