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Stairstep To Abandon

Pink Floyd | Stairstep To Abandon

Audience recording from December 14, 1974 at the Hippodrome in Bristol, UK.

Commonly misdated as being recorded on June 19, 1973 in Pittsburgh, PA, which is not accurate.
Occasionally referred to as ‘Starship to Abandon’, which is also not accurate.

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In Celebration Of The Comet

Pink Floyd Roio | In Celebration Of The Comet | The Coming of Kohoutek

TAKRL 1903

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Pink Floyd | Crackers

TAKRL 3969

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Dark Side Of The Moon Live

PINK FLOYD | London Rainbow Theatre, London 17th February 1972

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The Dark Side Of The Moon

Pink Floyd | The Dark Side Of The Moon – 1st original A2, B2 UK pressing with promotional booklet given to members of the press on February 27, 1973.

Complete with Original Posters, Stickers, Black Inner Sleeve and a 12-page promotional booklet within pictures of the band performing live.

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