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Quantum Mechanics

Quantum Mechanics: Animation explaining quantum physics.

Covers all topics, including wave particle duality, Schrodinger’s cat, EPR / Bell inequality, and the relationship between measurement and entanglement. Quantum Mechanics and Quantum Physics.


Waves: Light, Sound, and the nature of Reality

Physics of waves: Covers Quantum Waves, sound waves, and light waves. Easy to understand explanation of refraction, reflection, and many other topics. In the section of refraction, the colors are reversed. Violet light slows down in water more than red light, and violet light therefore bends more than red light when it transitions from air to water.

Delayed Choice Quantum Eraser – Quantum Physics

Quantum physics at its most profound: Delayed Choice Quantum Eraser experiment and its implications.

Quantum Entanglement, Bell Inequality, EPR paradox

Quantum Entanglement, EPR paradox, Bell Inequality, and the implication for Einstein’s Theory of Relativity.

Quantum Wave Function Visualization

Superposition, wave function collapse, and uncertainty principle in Quantum Physics. Shows real & imaginary components of quantum wave functions for free particles and confined particles.

Quantum Tunneling

Quantum tunneling explained with 3D simulations of Schrodinger’s equation for quantum wave functions.

Schrodinger’s Equation

Schrodinger’s Equation for wave functions in Quantum Physics.

Quantum Operators

Quantum Operators for measurements of Energy, Position, and Momentum in Quantum Physics.

Quantum Spin – Visualizing the physics and mathematics

Quantum spin states explained with 3D animations.

Quantum Measurements are Entanglement

How entanglement destroys interference, and why all quantum measurements are a form of entanglement.

Quarks, Gluon flux tubes, Strong Nuclear Force, & Quantum Chromodynamics

Quantum Chromodynamics (QCD) and the Strong Nuclear Force. Quarks and Gluons explained.

Weak Nuclear Force and Standard Model of Particle Physics

Standard Model, Chirality, Helicity, W & Z bosons, and the Weak Nuclear Force.

Nuclear Physics

Nuclear fusion and fission, gamma rays, neutron scattering & capture, alpha & beta decay, binding energy, and many other topics.

**Correction: At 13:57, the proton is converting into a neutron.**

Probability – Quantum and Classical

The Law of Large Numbers and the Central Limit Theorem. Probability explained with easy to understand 3D animations.

Polarization of Light: circularly polarized, linearly polarized, unpolarized light.

3D animations explaining circularly polarized, linearly polarized, and unpolarized electromagnetic waves.

Diffraction interference patterns with phasor diagrams

Single slit and double slit interference patterns explained with phasor diagrams.